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Introduction - Who are we?

There are many reasons to choose SunMax flooring. It is a brand flooring supplier that  specialized in manufacturing three-layer engineered wood.

We have been manufacturing wood flooring for over 10 years with an annual capacity of 600,000 square meters.

Most of our products are provided to European American and Canada markets.

Our clients have over 1,000 wood flooring chain stores in Europe USA and Canada. 

We have a warehouse that always has over 100000 square feet inventory in Richmond B.C Canada. 

We have been equipped with machines of HOMAG and WEINIG.

To meet our clients' needs is always our ultimate goal.


Our History – How did we get where we are today?


Mr. Zhu Changjun leads the first generation skilled technical and management team in the wood flooring industry ,
founded Shengda group(SunMax flooring in Canada) focus
 on manufacturing three-layer engineered wood flooring.


Despite the fact that the financial crisis impacts the wood flooring industry worldwide, Shengda group experiences a rapid growth during this period thanks to its ability to provide innovative and high quality products.

Shengda’s products are made available in over 500 wood flooring chain stores in Europe. To cater to European markets, Shengda successfully develops a series of wood flooring products that are adapted to European cultures and traditions.

This line of products is called “Culture Wood Flooring” coded BF-02.


Based on our innovative vision for the future lifestyles, Shengda finally develops wood flooring products called “Future Lifestyle Wood Flooring” which illustrates our vision for future engineered wood flooring and reflects people's desire for future lifestyle. These products are coded SY-02 and BC-08.


Shengda Commercial Ecosystem greatly develops and owns a number of over 1,000 chain stores in Europe USA and Canada.


Our Business Declaration

SunMax Declaration arises from a commercial ecosystem established on a cultural system.

SunMax Commercial Ecosystem describes a business chain linking our customers, suppliers, business partners and us.

We reject short-sighted business decisions and always appreciate long-term goals of enterprises and customers.

We reject opportunist activities and always believe the plain rule that our rewards are directly proportional to the efforts we make.

We preserve our commercial ecosystem and always maintain a fair relationship between us and our customers, suppliers, as well as all business partners.

We treasure our customers and always consider the ability of fulfilling our customers' fundamental needs as the core of our business activities.

We pursue the Confucian virtue of "repaying kindness with kindness" and will never forget whoever helped us.

We have built up a firm and clear perception that quality is of paramount importance and will never ignore any sloppiness in quality control.

We hold the work attitude of "digging out sources for everything", pay attention to processes and procedures, and never act recklessly or ignore trifles.

We should keep studying, learning, and adopting new technologies and apply the new technologies to our products and services at the fastest speed.

We are committed to the tenet of "self-improving to be outstanding".

We should progress each day spiritually and financially. Only when we are preeminent among our peers in the industry in terms of scale and reputation and reach the highest technology and management standard in our region and industry, can the SunMax-centered commercial ecosystem become the most advanced and developed system and all our business partners in our commercial ecosystem always excel in the commercial competition.